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                      At Asantewaa Chocolat we sell high quality,unrefined Shea butter.Our ivory Shea Butter is the finest quality, 100% pure, organic, and unrefined. Many other Shea nut butters on the market are white and the natural smell has been removed in a refinement process reducing its efficacy.

Refined shea butter has been chemically altered to remove shea butters natural scent, is bleach white in color and retains only a small portion of its natural healing properties. The end result of refinement is an odorless, white butter that may be aesthetically appealing, but lacks the true moisturizing, healing, and nutritive properties of true traditional shea butter.


We do not use bleaches, deodorizers, or chemicals to change the scent or appearance of Shea Butter. We do not advise you purchase Shea Butter that has been altered; as this depletes the product of its healing and medicinal properties, and also destroys the vitamins and minerals naturally present in Shea Butter.

The other meaningful term is shea butter grade. Commercial shea butter is classified into five grades: A – raw or unrefined, extracted using water; B – refined; C – highly refined and extracted with solvents such as hexane; D – lowest uncontaminated grade; E – with contaminants. Grade A shea butter retains the most natural vitamins, especially vitamins A and E, which are partially lost in the other grades.

Our alliance with families and co-operatives in Ghana and Burkina Faso, stems from a deep seated desire to provide a better standard of living for them,through sharing the benefits of Shea butter to the western world.


It provides them with sustainable income, self-reliance, family support and education without exploitation.Caring for your skin transforms a community,providing a life changing experience for women. Through us you are purchasing a healthy product upholding social, ethical, and environmental standards in the production.

Shea nut butter is a natural healer and moisturiser. In Africa it is revered for nourishing ageing and sun exposed skin. Our Shea tree grows naturally in the wild. It is processed without the use of chemicals or GM products. In Ghana it is considered organic.Our unrefined Shea nut butter retains its very distinctive nutty/smoky aroma and cream colour. 

Shea is highly recommended for a variety of skin conditions like:general body moisturising,eczema,psoriasis,sun burn, minimising scars,stretch marks,caring for hair/dreadlocks. Also used for soaps,cream and other skincare products.

We have delivery of Shea butter fortnightly from Ghana and Burkina Faso so any size order can be accommodated.

Frequently asked questions on Shea butter including Shea Library,57,1,a859.htm

Asantewaa Shea is often imitated but never duplicated. A sista’s secret weapon of mass skin & hair rejuvenation.


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